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Bait & Tackle

Live Bait

We take great pride in making sure our live bait comes in lively and healthy - that's why we've sourced out the best commercial fishermen around! We've spent countless hours perfecting our holding tanks to ensure all live baits are kept in a similar environment to where they came from! As fellow anglers and captains, we know just how important healthy and lively bait is!


($6.00/dozen, $17.00/50, $27.00/100)

 Pinfish ($7.97/dozen)

 Mud Minnows ($7.00/dozen)

 Fresh Mullet ($6.60/2 pounds)

Frozen Bait

We offer a variety of frozen baits - some of which we package ourselves and others that we source out from a tried and true distributor -

Aylesworth's Fish & Bait!

Shrimp ($6.36/ Quart)

     Mullet ($6.67/ Package)

     Squid ($7.41/ Package)

     Chum Block ($8.47/ Package)

Threadfin Herring ($15.37/Box)

***Bait is seasonal/ Call for availability***

***Tax Included***


Here at Ozello Keys Marina we take tackle seriously! We only carry products that our team and guides fully believe in and that we've put through the tried & true test personally. While our stores tackle variety grows weekly here's an idea of what you some of the products and brands you can expect to see on our shelves...

We offer a variety of tackle in various

shapes, sizes and weights such as:

Lures    Spoons    Soft/Hard Artificial Baits    Leader    Hooks    Swivels     Egg Sinkers    Split Shots    Nets     

Traps    Bait Buckets    Aerators    Rulers    Pilers    Snips    Grips   Knives    Tackle Boxes    Dive Flags    Maps  

Fishing Rods    Reels  

From fine brands such as:  

Bubba    Florida Fishing Products    Fish Bites    

Saltwater Assassin    MirrOLure    Jim's Jigs    Mustad       Mad Ox    D.O.A.    Gulp    Aqua Dream    Submerse


Tackle Crystal River

Want to learn more, or view our full selection?

Visit us or give us a call!

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