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Welcome to the 2023 4th annual Ho-Ho-Ho, Fishing for Dough Kayak Tournament! Our goal with this tournament is to raise money to purchase gifts for children in Citrus County that may need a little extra holiday spirit!


Tournament and event date: December, 2nd 2023

More information and online signups are coming soon!

Captains Meeting: December, 1st 2023 @ 630p

Special thank you to our 2023 sponsors listed below in alphabetical order; this wouldn't be possible without you!

Abyss Battery
Ayinde Matthews State Farm
Capt Marrio Castello
Capt Matt Kleckner
Capt Teddy Shupe
CCA Florida
Citrus County Chronicle
Dillon Media Group
Dirks Automotive Clinic
DJ Trae
Extreme Decalz – Trophies
Florida Fishing Products
Florida Insider Fishing Report
Furce pest control
Capt Gene Miller
Gilberts Hardware
James Aldridge
Marker 48
Mosassa Magic
Nature Coast Financial Advisors
Phillips Automotive
Power Pole
Redneck Sunscreen
Renova Construction Group
Seafood Seller and Cafe
Southern Pride Design
Waste Bros and Environmental

​2023 Prizes, Rules and Regulations

Categories & Prizes
Redfish & Trout Combined; 
1st place $3500 + Redbull Custom Cooler Trophy
2nd place $750 + Other Prizes
3rd place $500 + Other Prizes

Entry Fee: $75 per angler
​Vessels that can be used: Kayak, Paddle Board, Canoe or any man-powered vessel. No motors on any vessel. Only one (1) person per vessel.

How to win: The tournament is based on a point system with (1) Redfish, (1) Trout and 2 Lady Fish. Redfish and Trout are CPR (Catch Photo Release). Ladyfish are brought in to Ozello Keys Marina for weigh-in. The overall length of both trout and Redfish will determine your points (1 point per inch) with no slot limit. Ladyfish is their weight times 2. Note: You DO NOT have to catch all 3 species to win, you just need the most points!

Example: If your bag results in a 25.5 inch redfish, a 20" trout and 2 Ladyfish weighing 1lb each, your total points would be 49.5 points.

The tiebreaker will be determined by the angler who weighed in first.

Captains Meeting: Friday, December 1st at 630 pm located at Ozello Keys Marina. If you are unable to attend the captain's meeting, please message us on Ozello Keys Marina's Facebook page or email us at for instructions on how to attend the captain's meeting virtually and how to receive the tournament packet.

Tournament Date: Saturday, December 2nd, from 7 am to 4 pm

(3) Launch Points: Ozello Keys Marina, Ozello Trail Community Boat Ramp, John Brown Boat Ramp.

Weigh-in: Ozello Keys Marina/weigh-in opens at 1 pm and closes at 4 pm

—You must sign a liability waiver during registration. Under 18 years of age need a parent’s signature or they will not be allowed to compete.

—Vessels can enter the water no earlier than 7am unless announced the day prior through written communications. There will be tournament officials at each launch location completing a vessel checkout. Vessels that launch prior to 7 am will result in DQ. 

—You must launch at the appropriate ramps during the tournament. Failure to do so will result in DQ.

—All state laws and any regulations specific to the body of water we are fishing must be followed, including PFD, whistle, and light rules. Fishing in areas deemed off-limits or not having a valid fishing license will result in disqualification.

—Only paddle or peddle-powered craft is allowed. No electric motors or sails are permitted. If any motor or sail is used, you will be disqualified.

—No Towing, unless injury, handicap, or loss of paddle/drive system. Towing without these reasons will result in the disqualification of all anglers involved.

—Live bait and artificial is permitted. 

—No more than two lines in the water at one time. Trolling is permitted. More than 2 lines in the water will result in disqualification.

—Each angler must catch and land their fish inside their kayak without assistance. No wade or bank fishing. If caught wade fishing, or receiving assistance, you will be disqualified. You must be in your kayak when taking your picture and your kayak must be in the picture.

—Redfish and Trout will be measured to the nearest ¼ inch, last touched the line. If the fish is lying in between ¼ inch lines, it will count on the last line it touched.

— ENTIRE fish must be visible in the picture.  If the head or tail is cut off or tampered with, fish will not be scored.

—-Your identifier must be present in the picture. No identifier, No fish!! TD must be able to distinguish the identifier that was given that day if only part is showing. The identifier will be issued the evening of the captains meeting.

— The left eye of the fish must be in the photograph or the fish will not be scored.

— Measuring device must be approved by TD (you will be required to bring your measuring device with you to the Captains Meeting) it will be checked by the TD for use for the tournament, any device used that was not checked by the TD will result in the angler being disqualified.

— The left side of the fish must be facing up with nose against the 90-degree portion of the ruler. The tail can be pinched or in a natural position.  

—If the tail is flipped up in the picture, the TD will make the ruling on the last touched line on the board.

—It is regulated that you must fish at least 50 ft away from other tournament anglers at all times, and at no time may vessels come in contact with a tournament angler as this could result in disqualification at the tournament director's discretion. In case of an emergency where a vessel comes in contact with a participating angler due to an emergency, please call the tournament director to inform him of the situation. Please make your best effort not to cut anyone off. This is a courtesy rule.

—Any disputes about other anglers or tournament rulings must be submitted in writing prior to 4:30pm day of the tournament. Disputes must be accompanied with a $250 deposit. If claims are found to be true after the investigation by TD, the deposit will be returned in full. Remember, this is a tournament for fun and a good cause, don’t cheat and fish on. 

Tournament Director: Gary Bartell 352.228.8095
Tournament Committee;
John McCarthy
Billy Fender
Breanna Bartell
Aubrie Menster
Joe Furce

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